Fröhliche Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

Wir bedanken uns bei all unseren Kunden und Geschäftspartnern für das Vertrauen und die gute Zusammenarbeit. Gemeinsam mit meinem  Team freue ich mich schon auf neue Herausforderungen und erfolgreiche Projekte im neuen Jahr. Ihr Lucas Scheybal  » mehr

Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!

We would like to thank all of you for the trust and great time we could share with you this year and are looking forward to 2011. We wish you and your families peaceful and relaxing holidays and a Happy New Year. Lucas Scheybal and the LAKS Team  » mehr

It was never that easy to pay for your Coke !

Lucas is enjoying the convenience of watch2pay – and he is more than delighted. Check it out here:  » mehr

Important information for every owner of a watch2pay !

Good News! Seems that you can travel through London and pay for the fares with your watch2pay very soon!  » mehr

watch2pay – the most convenient way to pay for fares

MasterCard and Transport for London talk about launching a contactless travel card in 2012 and the future for Oyster in London. A global standard for mass transit in the card. Please keep an eye on the pink watch !!! We love it!!!  » mehr

TakarekPont Ungarn präsentiert eigene Uhrenkollektion

TakarekBank bringt watch2pay für kontaktlose Zahlungen auf den Markt. Damit übernimmt die TakarekBank in Ungarn die Führung im Bereich Innovation und Technologie. Während der Pressekonfernez in Budapest wurde der TV Spot präsentiert. Wir gratulieren ! Eine neue Idee dem Kunden die Vorteile und den Komfort der kontaktlosen Technologie im Zahlungsbereich zu zeigen. Und vor allem… echt sexy ! Überzeuge Dich selbst: TakarekPont TV Spot Besten Gruß, Susanne Scheybal  » mehr

TakarekPont – Hungarian Bank drives contactless payment forward in a sexy way

watch out the amazing TV spot…  » mehr

watch2pay – now available in Poland

Not a year has passed since the first contactless transaction made with a watch in Poland, and already a new joint project of LAKS, Bank Zachodni WBK and MasterCard is being implemented. It is the first project worldwide using pre-paid-card-equipped-watches that consumers will be able to buy at multiple places. For more information please read Press Release…  » mehr

LAKS Watches with MasterCard PayPass™ Technology – Available in Poland

It is the first time worldwide that consumer will be able to buy a  pre-paid card-equipped-watch at mutiple places and online The watch comes along with a reloadable MasterCard® prepaid card valid for 2 years.  You determine which amount you will top up and this is exactly the amount you can spend. Your spending is 100% controlled by yourself. Perfect for using on your travel and shopping. Accepted in over 31 million places worldwide! The combination of the watch and ... » read more

Contactless payment technology in Brazil

There are many activities in Brazil. People get the possibility to pay with different form factors like mobiles, watches and keyfobs. Watch this TV spot from Globo TV and learn more about the convenience to pay with your watch. The LAKS Smart Transaction watch designed for contactless payments.  » mehr

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