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watch2pay_cardsRevolutionary New Contactless Payment Watch

Payment cards have been around since 1966, with innovations along the way. In 2002 contactless cards were launched generating much excitement from the industry and cardholders. LAKS recognized that although cards were being issued that for real convenience, incorporating the same technology into a watch would take contactless payments to the next level. Since 2002 LAKS has developed state of the art contactless payment watches, the result is the product presented here. We think you’ll agree it truly does put the WOW into payments.

What is watch2pay?

watch2pay is the first watch worldwide which can be used for contactless MasterCard® payments. The watch includes a “break-out card” which is a MasterCard® PayPass™ prepaid card. The combination of the watch and the MasterCard PayPass prepaid card enables you to pay with the watch everywhere MasterCard PayPass is accepted. Simply hold the watch at the reader and you are already on the way.

Due to the fact that not all stores offer the PayPass technology, you also get a standard sized MasterCard PayPass prepaid card. Wherever MasterCard debit cards are accepted you can pay – either with the watch or with your standard card. With watch2pay you always have exactly what you need when you need it.

watch2pay offers you

  • A watch – the watch2pay
  • A standard sized MasterCard PayPass prepaid card – valid for 2 years
  • A MasterCard PayPass prepaid watch card – valid for 2 years
  • Both cards – the watch card and the standard sized card – are linked to one prepaid account – comparable with partner cards but without the extra costs.

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