Time is Money

MasterCard Incorporated: Time is Money with Launch of First Ever Contactless Payments Writswatch in the UK >read more » mehr

Time Is Money – the song
every great idea deserves a tribute - Time Is Mony for watch2pay

Every great idea deserves a tribute. Rate it ! Time Is Money  » mehr

watch2pay.co.uk – from today on!
watch2pay_UK; pay with your watch

Today is an important day for LAKS. Watch2Pay is available in Great Britain from today on. It is really impressive getting so much positive feedback from customers and w´d like to express our gratitude. watch2pay.co.uk  » mehr

watch2pay UK open today, YEAH!

watch2pay.co.uk is online: 2 minutes and you got the point… http://goo.gl/H4C2i  » mehr