watch2pay – now available in Poland

Not a year has passed since the first contactless transaction made with a watch in Poland, and already a new joint project of LAKS, Bank Zachodni WBK and MasterCard is being implemented. It is the first project worldwide using pre-paid-card-equipped-watches that consumers will be able to buy at multiple places. For more information please read Press Release…  » mehr

LAKS Watches with MasterCard PayPass™ Technology – Available in Poland

It is the first time worldwide that consumer will be able to buy a  pre-paid card-equipped-watch at mutiple places and online The watch comes along with a reloadable MasterCard® prepaid card valid for 2 years.  You determine which amount you will top up and this is exactly the amount you can spend. Your spending is 100% controlled by yourself. Perfect for using on your travel and shopping. Accepted in over 31 million places worldwide! The combination of the watch and ... » read more